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[INFO] Generalized Information

Post by Kariou86 on Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:23 pm

WD - Weapon Damage
WS - Weapon Speed
DR - Damage Reflection
R - Range (Opponent to Opponent)
RD - Damage Range
TD - Total Damage
AP - Armor Points
(o) - Optional
OB - Over Boost
EC - Energy Consumption
SR - Sight Range

Basic Core Annalisys:

Head Part: AP, SR
Arms Part: AP, Weapon (o)
Legs Part: AP, Distance, Boost
Core Part: AP, Weapon/OB (o), Generator, Energy, DR, Energy Recovery
Weapon (arms/back): WD, WS, R, Ammo, EC
Expansion Weapon: AP (o), SR (o), Ammo (o), DR (o), Boost (o)

Damage Calculation: ((WD x WS) - R - (DR x WD)) x Dice = TD

Weapon Energy Ballancing:

Laser Weaponry: Low Ammo, High Energy Usage
Shell Weaponry: High Ammo, No Energy Usage
Beam Weaponry: No Ammo, Low to High Energy Usage

Weight Ballancing:
Different cores can hold different weights, the same goes for legs too.

Bi-pedal: 2500 - 3000 units
Quad-pedal: 3000 - 4500 units
Catapillar: 4500 - 6000 units
Bi-pedal: 3500 - 5000 units
Quad-pedal: 5000 - 7000 units
Catapillar: 7000 - 8000 units
Hover: 2500 - 3500 units
Bi-pedal: 6000 - 7000 units
Quad-pedal: 7000 - 8500 units
Catapillar: 8500 - 10000 units
Hover: 3500 - 4000 units

Speed Ballancing:
As the weight of the core goes up, the speed goes down.

Bi-pedal: 200 - 300 ft (4 - 6 spaces)
Quad-pedal: 200 - 350 ft (4 - 7 spaces)
Catapillar: 200 - 250 ft (4 - 5 spaces)
Bi-pedal: 150 - 250 ft (3 - 5 spaces)
Quad-pedal: 150 - 300 ft (3 - 6 spaces)
Catapillar: 150 - 200 ft (3 - 4 spaces)
Hover: 200 - 350 ft (4 - 7 spaces)
Bi-pedal: 100 - 200 ft (2 - 4 spaces)
Quad-pedal: 150 - 250 ft (3 - 5 spaces)
Catapillar: 100 - 200 ft (2 - 4 spaces)
Hover: 150 - 300 ft (3 - 6 spaces)

Recoil Effect:
Certain legs can not handle the recoil of heavy weapons, such as the laser cannons, heavy missiles, and rockets. So the core will jerk back a space to compensate for this. The legs that can not handle this are the following: Lightweight (all types), Mid-weight (cattepillar and Hover), Heavyweight (Hover).

Weapon Ballancing:
There are four spots for weapons to be held. Back left, back right, left arm, and right arm. Back weapons are normally areas for heavy weapons, such as Machine/Chain guns (single/dual), medium to large rockets/howitsers, and small to large missiles. Energy weapons are also capable for back weapons, such as, laser cannons, orbit cannons, pulse rifles, and dual pulse rifles.
All other "Hand held" weapons are carried on the arms, such as beam swords, DR Sheilds, Handguns, Midweight machine guns, shell and energy rifles, as well as light to medium weight missiles, rockets and howitzers.

Weapon Classes:

Shell: Medium Ammo, Low damage
Energy: Low Ammo, Medium damage
Shell: Medium to high Ammo, Low to medium damage
Energy: Low to medium Ammo, Medium to high damage
Shell: Low ammo, High damage, Medium to large distance, Recoil Effect
Energy: Low ammo, Medium damage, large distace
Chain/Machine guns:
Shell: Medium to high ammo, Low to medium damage
Pulse Rifles: No ammo, Medium damage, Medium energy usage
Laser: Low ammo, High damage, Recoil Effect
Howitzers: Low ammo, High damage, Recoil Effect
Beam Swords: No ammo, Low damage, Low energy usage
Missiles: Medium to high ammo, Medium to high-medium damage
Rockets: Low ammo, High damage, Recoil Effect

Energy Ballancing:

Boosting, Over Boosting, and using energy weapons takes Energy. Some more than others.

Boosting/Over Boosting:
Low output: 10 Energy ( 25% movement, lightest booster)
2x & 2.5x: 30% Energy ( 100 - 150% movement)
Medium output: 12 Energy ( 50% movement, mid-weight booster)
3x & 3.5x: 45% Energy ( 200 - 150% movement)
Hight output: 15 Energy ( 75% movement, heaviest booster)
4x: 50% Energy ( 300% movement)
5x: 75% Energy ( 400% movement)

Energy Weapons:
Blades: 10 - 30 Energy (low damage)
Pulse Rifles: 12 - 20 Energy (medium damage)
Rifles: 15 - 45 Energy (medium to high damage)
Sniper Rifles: 20 - 50 Energy (medium damage vs. high distance)
Laser Cannons: 30 - 60 Energy (medium to high damage)
Handguns: 5 - 15 Energy (low to medium damage)

Output Ballancing:
Every core has their own output needs. Some have higher demands than others. Certain generators can meet those domands, others complete it and more, and some, just fall short.

Low Class (lightweight): 100 - 150 Energy
Middle Class (midweight): 150 - 200 Energy
High Class (heavyweight): 200 - 250 Energy
Elite Class (heavyweight catapillar only): 250 - 400 Energy

After building your core 10 - 25% of its total energy is taken to just run the core. It is listed as the following.

Lightweight: 10% EC (IE 100 Energy, 90 remaining)
Midweight: 15% EC (IE 150 Energy, 127.5 remaining)
Heavyweight: 25% EC (IE 200 Energy, 150 remaining)
Super Heavyweight (heavyweight catapillar only): 25% EC (IE 300 Energy, 225 remaining)

When moving on the feild there are certain ways to it. When normally moving you can move in any direction. When boosting and overboosting, you must move in straight lines per turn.

Max Drive Mode:
During battle mobility is nessisary, and when boosting it is still too weak, max drive is your option. Max drive doubles the output of overboosting. Its only available in Mid-weight and heavyweight hover cores. It takes all the energy from the core, and takes 2 turns to recharge, forbidding the use of energy weapons, boosting, and overboosting, but movement is still possible. This option should only be used when attempting to escape from a battle. This is considered boosting, and can only be used in straight lines per battle.
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