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This is a anime moive called X, this is the most violent anime movie that I have seen so far.

X is Clamp's foray into apocalyptic fiction. It combines elements from various end of the world scenarios, both secular and religious, with its own mythos. The story takes place at the end of days, in the year 1999. The series follows Kamui Shirō, a young esper who returns home to Tokyo after a six-year absence to face his destiny as the one who will determine humanity's fate.

As intended for a female audience, X is drawn in the ornate style characteristic of shoujo manga but with the emphasis on moral conflict and gruesome violence expected of seinen works. The story is influenced by the works of Go Nagai, Shotaro Ishinomori and Kazumasa Hirai.

The movie was created for 135 chapter Manga that was relased in america in the year 2003
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